Time Tracking Software

Track Time

A staff member needs to check in at a physical PivotCentral Checkpoint Tag or Kiosk and indicate if they are starting or finishing their shift. Use the administrator dashboard to know who failed to show.

Inspection Checklist Software

Digital Checklists

Attach a Pivot Central Smart Tag to any physical location. Your staff can than scan the tag to see the checklist for that location. With a single click they can confirm each item is done or log an issue.

Time - Attendance - Rostering Software


PivotCentral allows you to roster by staff or site so you know exactly how many hours are allocated to a specific person or site. Once you are finished rostering, simply publish and your staff are notified of their roster.

Manage Your Workforce

You can stick one or multiple PivotCentral Checkpoint Tags at important locations.

Your staff can then scan these Smart Checkpoint tags to record attendance and see a checklist of items to be done at that location.

A staff member can use their mobile phone to see the work they need to do at each location.

Use it to replace all your current paper forms such as checklists, audits, inspections, maintenance and attendance sheets.

All your forms can be converted into simple digital checklists using the PivotCentral Management Portal.

No more printing a bunch of paper checklists or the need to distribute them. Get it all done from any device using PivotCentral.

Know Who's Where Doing What

With PivotCentral workforce management software, a manager or supervisor can quickly see who is working today and at what time they clocked in.

They can see who is rostered to work but did not show up, who is on site but arrived late and who is on break, no matter where they work.

You can also use PivotCentral Smart Checkpoint Tags to track which sites your staff have visited.

With PivotCentral you can report on planned, rostered time or on actual time worked.

A manager or supervisor can approve attendance based on actual check in and check out times.

Timesheet reports can be exported to Excel and imported in most payroll systems.