Enter the world of digital cleaning checklists

Use a PivotCentral Smart Tag© to replace your paper-based cleaning schedules. Ensure your cleaning staff do all the tasks they have been assigned.

Cleaning Checklist Software

Cleaning Checklists

Convert your paper checklists to digital, add a smart tag and place the tag at key checkpoints. Your staff can scan the PivotCentral Smart Tag using a smart phone to see the cleaning checklist and click each item that’s done.

Inspection Checklist Software

Spot Checks

Once an item is done, a supervisor can scan the same PivotCentral Smart Tag to check what was set as done at that checkpoint. The supervisor can pass or fail each item with a single click. If an item is failed, the cleaner is notified.

Time and Attendance Checklist Software

Time & Attendance

With PivotCentral, you can plan your staff roster by site. It then uses the PivotCentral Smart Tags to track the actual scanned time for shift start and end. You get a notification for any late or no shows.

Hotel Room Inspection Checklist Software

Room Inspections

Need a digital way to track the cleaning or maintenance of your guest rooms? PivotCentral is the platform for you.

Equipment Tracking Software

Equipment Tracking

You can attach a PivotCentral Smart Tag to expensive equipment like hoovers, buffers or any other important asset and track where and when they were last scanned and by whom.

Issue Tracking Software

Issues Tracking

Your staff can just scan the PivotCentral Smart Tag and log an issue at that checkpoint. A manager can get a notification and issues are shown in real time on the management dashboard.

PivotCentral Smart Tags link to Digital Cleaning Checklists to ensure that the right person is doing the right thing at the right time, at the right location.

Scan it

Attach a physical PivotCentral Smart Tag to any type of checkpoint like a toilet, boardroom, etc...

Add a digital checklist in seconds using PivotCentral software.

Your staff can scan the PivotCentral Smart Tag using a smart phone to see the cleaning checklist and click each item that’s done.

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Digital Cleaning Checklist with NFC
Digital Inspections with NFC

Check it

With PivotCentral, you can digitally track and check that staff have visited all locations and that all cleaning items have been done, with a full log of completed schedules including scan time and GPS location.

And it has never been easier to inspect. Simply scan the PivotCentral smart tag with a smart phone, click on the done button to see what was completed today by whom, where and when.

A supervisor can simply pass or fail any check items listed as done. They can add a note or photo which is immediately logged. The manager of that tag is immediately notified. To manage workflow, an issue can be assigned to a crew or a specific staff member.

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Track it

Traceability is everything. Knowing who did what, where and when.

PivotCentral combines the power of digital cleaning checklists, smart tags and smart phones to bring you smart technology that connects your building with your staff and opens a whole new world of digitally tracked cleaning services.
With PivotCentral you can:

  • Track Time Manage and track cleaning teams
  • Track Time Supervise the activities of remote cleaning staff
  • Track Time Track all completed schedules including scan time and GPS location
  • Track Time Track logged issues at any checkpoint in real time
  • Track Time Track that procedures are enforced

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Report on Cleaning Services

Report it

Do you know who exactly is doing what right now? Do you need to wait for the paper files to see what happened - after the fact?

For your peace of mind, PivotCentral comes with a full management dashboard including a live map for you to see in real time who is doing what, where and follow the progress of open issues as they are resolved. No more firefighting.

A full set of built in reports are available for you and your management team to stay on top of issues and make sure that all work, safety and inspection issues are resolved.

You can report on the check items that have been done, by date, staff member and location.

You can even track and report time and attendance for all staff, including those who work remotely. Reports contain a full log of all items completed per staff member including the time and GPS location of each scan.

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