Request Pricing

For Using the PivotCentral Smart Tags and Workforce Management Software Solution.

I have a lot of field staff, is there a way to negotiate the price?

Yes, simply contact us and we can discuss pricing for your organisation.

Do you support smart phones and tablets?

PivotCentral is optimised for both Android and Apple smart phones. If you want to use smart checkpoints make sure the phones can read QR codes or support NFC. There is no need to download an app just tap the PivotCentral SmartTag Click Here

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, there is no fixed term contract. You can end your contract at any time.

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges, as we do not charge for extra Workforce Management Software features, reports or upgrades.

How long is the trial for?

The trial is for a month and you can then decide to extend it after the first month.

Can I increase the number of Smart Workforce Management Tags?

You can always increase the number of Smart Tags for your company or site. The more Smart Tags you have, the more accurate your Workforce Management tracking will be.

Can I remove administrators?

You can always remove administrators on your account and of course you will not be charged for these.

Is there a limit in documents or usage on PivotCentral?

Unlimited usage is subject to fair usage policy of 10gb per month.